Weeding Out The Best Playtech Casinos

Article Introduction

Note: this article was written in 2011 and a newer version now exists (July 2014)

Hmmm…Playtech casinos. Minefield! While creating my AZOC Playtech casinos list I had the fortune and misfortune (depending on your take!) to have played some 30 or 40 Playtech casinos. Now I’ve been a slots player for several years and I love Playtech slotsGladiator, King Kong, The Hulk and the other Marvel slots are all groundbreakers and excellent fun – so this wasn’t just about research: it was also about having some fun, trying to make some money (that bit didn’t work out!) and finding the best Playtech casinos to stick with ongoing.

What I noticed during the course of this time is that there seemed to be two patterns emerging when it came down to seperating what I considered a decent Playtech casino and a crap one. That’s not to say there aren’t exceptions to both patterns but in general I noticed that Playtech casinos operated by bookmakers, on the whole, treated me pretty well, while those run by Israeli businesses treated me more as a cash-cow.

In the rest of this article, I go into some detail on those Playtech casinos that shone through, with emphaiss on games choice, customer service and cashout times – the 3 things I look for in a good online casino. It’s safe to say that if I don’t mention a Playtech casino in this article then it didn’t stand out – in fact it was probably a dud LOL.

The Meat & Potatoes

I’ll start at the end: when I finished this project (although it is a bit of an ongoing one!) I ended up with 4 Playtech casinos left on my desktop that I will be playing regularly. For the record those are Bet365, my newish discovery, Paddy Power Casino which moved to the Playtech platform in October 2011, Sports Interaction Casino and the Playtech casino I have been playing the longest and still love: Tote Casino.

In the case of Paddy Power, Tote and Sports Interaction they share one thing in common that I haven’t found at any of the other Playtech casinos I have played: no reverse pending time! As of Jan 2012 you can also add Boyle Casino to this list and Gala Casino who switched to Playtech software on May 9th 2012 (also keeping their IGT games side-by-side). What that means is that when you cashout, it goes straight through for processing unlike at most places where there is a delay of anything between 12 and 72 hours where you could still “reverse” the cashout and play with it. It’s my pet hate.

Bet365 Casino has a 12 hour reverse but in common with the aforementioned two they all cashout promptly and as a UK resident I have the cashout in my bank account within 2 or 3 working days tops. In fact I have also recently found out that if you are a VIP at Bet365, you can email the to ask to have the Reverse Pending feature disabled entirely. I should also add a favourable shout-out to Betfred and Betfair casino in this regard as they too are fast on cashouts. I just found the support at those two a little less erm, enthusiastic than the others.

There is one prominent Playtech-supported bookmaker missing from those recommendations above if you hadn’t noticed. William Hill. Will Hill did a deal with Playtech some time back and acquired a company with a very, very dubious reputation. They then proceeded to let that company handle their casino business! IMO a monumental screw up which – as of October 2011 – is making headlines for all the wrong reasons. As a result  I wouldn’t recommend Wiliam Hill Casino Club to players until the operation switches back into safe hands. It’s a real shame because until then you’d have to say William Hill’s reputation was second to none but they’ve really let themselves down here.

The other casino that falls between the two camps that is worth mentioning is Mansion Casino. I am undecided on this one. It’s decent, cashouts are average and the games are great but it still has that money-culture thing going on. When you have casinos like Tote, Bet365 and Sports Interaction who just let you get on with it and give great service, why would you want a Mansion  or a Will Hill? Bonus players might prefer them but I’m not one of them.

And finally I will give a mention to one Playtech casino that is neither a bookmaker or an Israeli business but who impressed me nonetheless. Omni Casino has been around for years but was initially using different software. They now have the full Playtech suite of games and their customer support was very responsive. Cashouts were decent enough – a 24 hour reverse time and then the cashout was processed and I had no problems there at all. The only thing that stopped me playing was an odd ID request asking me for a photo of me holding my passport! Not sure why – there’s a first time for everything but I never got past it and they never chased me.


If you read all that then it should be obvious. Most Playtech casinos take the p!ss when it comes to slow cashouts and long reverse times but if you stick to the bookmaker casinos – ignoring William Hill Casino and adding Omni casino instead – then I had a pretty good impression all round.

Step beyond those and it can be a frustrating experience that personally I wouldn’t want to go through again. So IMO the 4 best Playtech casinos are, in this order: Tote Casino, Bet365, Paddy Power and Sports Interaction. And those are the three I will be playing regularly.