The Slow Death Of The Casino Signup Bonus

Recently, I posted an article on reasons to avoid casino signup bonuses. In that article I went into some detail about how a bonus is often more of a hindrance to a player than a help. And if you play Microgaming games, then there is a new term that is even worse!

It’s always annoyed me, this signup bonus thing. The casinos dress it up as some amazing offer that is designed to appeal to our natural instinct to try and get something for nothing. They know this, they deliberately target this human trait and yet when people start to win, they start to get all jittery and start worrying they are getting fraudsters and what they term “advantage players“.

Advantage players! That term in itself is annoying. The casino purports to give the player an advantage with a bonus and when that player takes “advantage” and is successful, despite the ludicrously high wagering requirements required to be met before a cashout, the casino terms them an “advantage player”! I mean, wtf? Fraud is one thing: multiple accounting to take multiple bonuses I accept is wrong but if you are going to try and attract a player who wants to play with a bonus, accept that they probably want to win too!

But the latest way it would appear to combat the advantage player is a term that has kind of been lurking at some of the less reputable Microgaming groups for some time but a slight re-wording and suddenly it is a totally different fish. This term limits a player accepting a signup bonus to a maximum withdrawal of 6x his or her deposit. Everything else is forfeited. Until recently there was a “disxcretionary” term that stated a player couldn’t withdraw more than 5x their lifetime deposits. I never saw it enforced but it was there.

This new term however is not discretionary, it is written into the T&C’s of a number of Microgaming casinos, including as I write the following:

Cabaret Club
Gaming Club
Lucky 247
Lucky Nugget
Mummy’s Gold
Roxy Place
Jackpot City
King Neptunes
Ruby Fortune
Spin Palace

This is even if you manage to clear the wagering!

So if you ever wondered whether to take a signup bonus, think again. It’s now a huge disadvantage to a player at those casinos listed above and if you are playing with their signup bonus, you won’t be able to cash out if you win anything decent.