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Play King Kong Slot Machine at Intercasino

Now let’s be frank here, there aren’t going to be many people who can afford to bet $500 a spin on an online slot machine! So when you see a screenshot like the one above with a life-changing win of $240,000, that ain’t gonna happen to most of us, right?  Right. I mean can you imagine the adrenaline rush of betting max and pushing the button, then seeing a win like this come in? It would be enough to send most people over the edge, me included. If not emotionally, certainly financially. So my advice…don’t do it!

Anyway, when Intercasino announced this week that they were releasing their King Kong slot machine, it was too good to ignore. I played the King Kong slot in Vegas so had to check this one out to see if it was the same. It’s not – totally different, but in my opinion much, much better.

Cryptologic (who make the game) generally provide a bit of a mixed bag when it comes to slots. There are some superb ones, like “Thor” in the Marvel series which also includes “Spiderman“, “The Hulk“, “Ironman“, “Silver Surfer” and more, but some of their (admittedly older) slots just leave me cold. But one thing you have to give them Kudos for is originality. Pretty much every slot game they release these days is original in the way it plays, and King Kong is no different.

As with most online slots these days, King Kong has a free spins bonus, but boy this one is nice! When you get 3 “King Kong” logos on reels 1-3, you enter an animated video sequence where you get King Kong himself to climb the Empire State Building and smash planes as they go past. You do this until he misses 3, while each plane he hits awards free spins. During my test session, I managed to hit 6 planes in one go, for a massive total of 150 free spins!

But it didn’t end there. While I was still smarting from the rather pleasant shock, 3 more logos lined up for a retrigger and the retrigger awards the same amount of spins that you won in the initial animation. So yup, another 150 free spins for a grand total of 300! I don’t know any other slot, online or off, that awards this many free spins and I had a blast, winning around $85,000 from my $500 fun bet.

King Kong also has another interesting feature. It has a wild symbol on reels 2-5, but the wild symbol on Reel 3 acts differently in normal play, although during free spins it acts as a normal wild. In normal mode, if it appears on reel 3, it expands with an impressive animated sequence to cover all lines and, as an added bonus, it can add more wild symbols ot the other reels in view. In one particular spin of mine, this worked out rather nicely giving me one of the top pays – see the screenshot below.

King Kong - Big Win at Intercasino

Overall, while clearly I had a VERY good session in fun mode, I have to say I loved King Kong. Now I’ll be the first to admit that if I’d had a bad session, I may have been a little more subdued, and I am sure that bad sessions will far outnumber good sessions over time, but it was clear to me that the potentail for a big win is there and personally, that’s the type of slot I like. I can put up with losing regularly if I think I have a reasonable shot at a big win eventually.

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