King Kong Slot – Live At Virgin!

Oh my word! For those of you already familiar with one of the greatest online slot machines to be designed in recent times, you might be interested to know that the excellent King Kong slot has now been made available to play online at Virgin casino. Previously it’s only been available at Intercasino and it got some serious acclaim – not least from me! – when it was first released in 2009. So what’s the fuss about? I’ll tell you! But first I have to apollogetically state that no USA players can play this slot. Sorry – it’s a legal thing.

The King Kong slot is all about the free spins! yeah, yeah…every slot machine has those now right? But how many give you up to 150 free spins and to top that off, allows retriggers! And it gets better. When you get a retrigger, it gives you the same again – so if you hit the 150 free spins and you get a retrigger – bingo – another 150 free spins.

On several occasions I’ve had 500+ free spins in one hit as a result and one guy – lucky git – spent an entire 24 hour session playing one free spins bonus on King Kong! It just kept retriggering and retriggering. Now OK, this doesn’t happen that regularly and you might just get the minimum 25 free spins (you get 25, 50, 75, 100 or 150 when you hit the feature) but if you do…wow! Quids in.

On top of the free spins bonus which I’ve probably gone on about enough (but it is the “killer app” in the King Kong slot – give me a break), you also get wild symbols on reels 2, 3 and 4, but with a twist. When the wild lands on Reel 3, it expands to cover all 3 symbols PLUS, it randomly makes a symbol wild on Reel 2 and Reel 4 sometimes. Although, the expanding bit doesn’t feature in the free spins, but that’s a small price to pay.

The free spins on King Kong are triggered by getting the King Kong logo on Reels 1,2 and 3. You go through a video sequence where King Kong climbs the Empire State building and you click to smash planes, each plane giving you 25 free spins until you miss 3 of them. To a maximum of 150 as stated. If you only get 25 or 50 spins, I’d be inclined to take the “secret” Prize alternative it offers. It’s random, but at that level is normally better. Anything more than 50 free spins and I’d ride wih King Kong’s free spins and cross your fingers for retriggers aplenty.

The King Kong slot at Virgin is a Flash game so it will play in any browser and there is a free version of the King Kong slot available at OCV.

Check out the King Kong slot at Virgin Casino.