Top Online Jackpot Slots

Chasing the jackpot is one of the more common pastimes among us slots players. Whether that be the “high pay” lineup on a video slot, a progressive jackpot or one of the newer “random jackpots”, it’s what we all aim for from the jackpot slots.

The primary difference between a “progressive jackpot” and a “random jackpot” is simple enough: with the former, the slot jackpot is awarded for lining up 3 or 5 of a certain symbol on a payline. The latter is more common among video slots and unsurprisingly is awarded randomly. Below are examples of the more popular jackpot slots with rogh indicators of what to expect and some of the recommended online casinos that carry them.

Random Jackpot Slots

Recommended Progressive Jackpot Slots

Anyway, just to whet your appetite, below is a screenshot of one of my online progressive jackpots that I have won, this one being a “random jackpot” on Derby Dollars at [Club USA]. I have won 4 jackpots in all, the largest being $16,000 from a $3 bet (yes, i play in US dollars – it’s cheaper!).

Derby Dollars Random Jackpot