Immortal Romance vs Thunderstruck 2.

Immortal Romance slot vs Thunderstruck 2It’s been a couple of months now since Microgaming released their Immortal Romance slot based on the same engine that drove Thunderstruck 2 and if I’m honest it took me a while (I play both of these slot machines at the excellent 32Red) to make up my mind in it. But now I have and I’ve worked out why someone might prefer Immortal Romance over Thunderstruck 2 and vice versa. For the record, I’m in the vice versa camp!

Initially I assumed – along with others I suspect – that Immortal Romance was going to be a clone of Thunderstruck 2 but it isn’t – not quite anyway. There are two major differences: firstly in the way the free spin features play out and secondly (and definitely more importantly) in volatility! In fact you could argue there is a third: the bet limits are different (see my Immortal Romance Bet Limits article for more info if you like to high-roll).

While you might class Thunderstruck 2 as ‘low-medium’ variance, the Immortal Romance slot is more ‘medium-high’. This is where it gets odd for me because I’m normally a huge fan of “high variance” slots like Great Blue and the original Thunderstruck so I would have expected to prefer Immortal Romance to Thunderstruck 2 but there you go.

Initially it looks as if the key to the higher variance in Immortal Romance is the way the reels are laid out, with the wild symbols falling next to “picture” symbols rather than “number” symbols (10-Ace as in Thunderstruck 2). But in addition to this, the “Wild Vine” random wild reel feature also appears to have become a modified version of Thunderstruck 2’s “Wildstorm” – modified in so much as it seems less frequent but awards bigger wins (I’m generalising here – doesn’t always pan out that way!).

Thirdly, the way the free spin feature pays out in Immortal Romance will also affect the variance. Like Thunderstruck 2, there are 4 free spin features which you get to pick from (once unlocked). One of them (the 10 spins at 5x) is identical to the first feature in TS2 but most notably the “rolling reels” feature and the “random wilds” feature – both also present in Thunderstruck 2 – have had the number of spins awarded changed. In TS2 you get 15 spins with random wilds or 25 with rolling reels. In Immortal Romance you get 25 in the random wilds feature and 20 with the rolling reels option.

In the Thunderstruck 2 slot, the 4 free spin features go from high to low variance, left to right. I don’t think this is the case with Immortal Romance myself although I am guessing here – the impact of the altered reel layouts and the fact that the rolling reels feature uses entirely different reels on both slots (the same layouts used for the random “Wildstorm” or “Wild Vine” feature by the looks of things) might also impact this.

But the bottom line is, Immortal Romance will probably give you less of the medium sized wins around 15-30x bet and more of the occasional monster wins. It will be interesting to see if both slots have the same RTP (long-term expected “Return to Player”) percentage. The RTP for Immortal Romance is published as 96.01-96.86% depending on where you look while for Thunderstruck 2, it is published as 96.65%.

Afree-to-play version of Immortal Romance is available on the Games & Fruit Machines website and both games have now been rolled out to all new Microgaming casinos aswell as existing licencees and those using the Quickfire platform as standard and both made their debut on the Microgaming mobile platform in 2013.