Freeroll Slot Tournaments

Click Here To PlayPlay the River Belle $30,000 Freeroll Slot Tournament

(Starts May 9th 2008)

Microgaming have recently introduced online slots tournaments to the software and these are now available at 32Red (for non-US players) or Jackpot City, River Belle and All Jackpots for anyone. There are daily freeroll slot tournaments and sit-and-go tournaments with small buy-ins ranging from $2 upwards.

This article describes how to get involved and take part in an online slot tournament. It’s a very easy process and even newbies will have very little trouble. There are several slot tournaments every day, most lasting 5-10 minutes at scheduled times.

Getting Started

1. Download the casino software from [All Jackpots] or [River Belle] or for UK players, 32Red comes highly recommended.

2. Register an account and in the Games Lobby, go to “Slot Tournaments“. This will take a few minutes to install all the currently running and scheduled tournaments with descriptions, prize details and rules of play, along with the scheduled time, duration and game.

3. Run your mouse down the list of tournaments to view the details inline. When you have found one at a suitable time, on a game you like, click it and enter a nickname. This nickname you will keep for all slot tournaments.

4. Then “Join” the tournament. If it is a buy-in tournament, it will take you to banking to deposit the fee, or if you already have money in your 32Red casino account, it will deduct the fee unless it is a “freeroll” in which case there is no entry fee. On most tournaments, you will have the option to “re-buy” for a nominal sum once your tournament balance is exhausted, so you may want to have the buy-in amount in your casino account waiting, just in case. That said, you will have the option to refuel via the banking screen.

5. The tournament will normally be “open” for a period of time…often this is 30 minutes, 1 hour, or in some cases a whole day. If it is a 5 minute tournament (for example), you can log on and play your 5 minutes (it times it for you) at any time during the “open” period. This is handy if you are late for the start, as you can join in late and nor be penalised.

6. During the tournament, you will see your current position in the rankings, which is in real-time and changes as you win on each spin. At the end of your allotted time, you will see a League Table (see screenshot above) with your final position, however you could still go down the list if players are still playing.

7. Players should note that most slot tournaments have a maximum number of entries and many, especially the freeroll slot tournaments and those with big prizes, can fill up fast. It pays to register as early as you can and come back later to play rather than wait until the tournament starts before you register.

The Experience

New players may be surprised to find that a slot tournament is generally set out in a specific manner. You can’t speed up the spins, there is a maximum bet size, there is no autoplay feature and when your 5 minutes is up, it cuts you dead, even if you are in a bonus round. 

But… online slot tournaments are in their infancy and there are areas that can and no doubt will be improved. The short length of some competitions, the lack of a “community” feel and the limited options during play (bet size, speed of spins etc) could all be improved. But that said, I’m enjoying them immensely and there is no doubt they offer an inexpensive gambling experience with some added competitive fun. Visit The Casino: 32Red