Cleopatra Slot – 5 Scatter Win!


Last week (January 2011) I was up in London and playing the casino slot machines at the Empire casino in Leicester Square and the Palm Beach in Mayfair and I couldn’t hit jack on Cleopatra. It was so bad I ended up playing Book Of Ra and Pharaohs Fortune most of the time. The rubbish session was due in no little part to the fact that the land based version of the Cleopatra slot has a pretty poor payout (no pay on 2 9’s and often on 2 scatters even!).

So I come home and decide to give Spin Room a try (go to the Victor Chandler website and click the SLOTS tab to access it). The casino itself has quite a lot of slot machines but as far as IGT games go it is limited to Cleopatra and Pharaohs Fortune as far as I can tell. So I do quite well on Pharaohs and head on over to Cleopatra which has a 95.01% RTP – a big improvement on the land-based Cleo for sure. To be honest, the gameplay was a little stuttery but what the hell, I played out anyway.

And then this happened! Now I’ve been playing both of IGT’s Cleopatra slots (I and II) for years and I’ve never had the 5 scatters so it was about time if I’m honest. The bonus round that followed wasn’t too bad – 30x bet – but I thought I’d share the screenshot above just so you know it’s possible!

Despite the ups and downs of Cleo I confess to being a big fan. At least the slot itself is relatively low risk so you can go up and down and get a decent session from it (online at least!). I marginally prefer Cleopatra 2 because of it’s amazing increasing multipliers in the free spin bonus but both of IGT’s Cleopatra slots are good. In fact, call me sad, but I have even set up a dedicated Cleopatra Slots site with some videos and information on which online casinos have these slot machines.

For the record, IGT slots (IGT make the Cleopatra slots) are not available to everyone – it depends where you live – because of local online gambling laws and regulations. Everyone in the UK is OK, but Americans, Germans and French residents are currently (upd: July 2012) banned from playing Cleopatra and the other IGT slot machines online.

Cleopatra is arguably the most popular in a succession of Egypt-themed slots which includes Pharaoh’s Fortune, Queen Of The Nile, The Mummy and the Book Of Ra slot machine among others down the years.