Bar-X Fruit Machines Go Online!

Bar-X Magic 7 Fruit MachineRegular arcade goers in the UK will probably be very familiar with Electrocoin’s popular Bar-X and Bar-X Magic 7 fruit machines…they’ve been around for years and I can remember them from…oooh…at least 10 years ago on Brighton Pier, if not longer! So I guess it’s about bloody time they were made available to online punters and sure enough they have now arrived at Sky Vegas Casino (no US players though) and Mecca Games . You can also play Bar X 5 for free here to check it out if you can’t be bothered to read on 😉

And yup – they are exactly like the originals, even down to the 3 nudges and the “secret” holds. I mean let’s be frank here, they are basic machines – only 4 symbols and 3 reels, but there is definately something about them. Just recently I was down in Brighton stalking the Pier (and Primark – sad but true) while the g/f went shopping and found myself bundling the old pound coins into them. Whereas with the arcade version you can only generally find the 30p stake version, the online machines at Sky Vegas allow you to wager from 25p upwards so you can get greedy if you want to!

So anyway there you go – Bar-X ’til your heart’s content wihout having to brave the gale-force winds off the Atlantic! There’s also a £100 sign-up bonus at Sky Vegas (awarded after you’ve played a bit) by the way or you can try out Bar-X 5 free here before you go play for real.

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